The business of the association is conducted by a Council elected annually. All ATESOL NSW financial members are welcome to stand for council. This commitment involves attending six Saturday morning meetings per year and volunteering to assist with ATESOL NSW events, action research and advocacy initiatives throughout the year. If you would like to attend our next meeting, please email our secretary.

Council members for 2018 are:

Janet Freeman -

Vice President
Margaret Turnbull

Treasurers (Interim)
Rana Straker & Sascha Ogilvy -

Melanie Davies -

Registrar & Ethics Affairs
Caterina Baitieri

ACTA Councillors
Michael Michell, Margaret Turnbull, Janet Freeman

MEAG Representative
Cindy Valdez-Adams

Ethnic Affairs
Janet Freeman

Public Officer
Caterina Baitieri

Newsletter Editors
Glenice Aiken, Margery Hertzberg, Marina Pearce

Other Councillors
Margaret Wajs, Gillian Pennington

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PO Box 965, Kensington NSW 1465
ABN 45 769 925 602