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ATESOL NSW, in collaboration with the national body ACTA, continues to advocate for professional standards which have been built up over decades. Here is a snapshot of some of our advocacy initiatives:


A letter from ATESOL NSW was sent on 2 March to the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, Sarah Mitchell. It welcomes the allocation in 2020 of an additional 104 EAL/D teaching positions in NSW Government schools and suggests actions to ensure improved student learning outcomes and maximise the Government's investment in EAL/D education. These actions encompass EAL/D staffing, training and professional support, reflecting the strategies outlined in the document Rebuilding Capacity: EAL/D and Refugee Education in NSW Public Schools - an Agenda for NSW Government 2019- 2023 issued by ATESOL NSW, Ethnic Communities Council of NSW and NSW Migrant and Refugee Education Working Party prior to the state election last year. The letter was also tabled at the Department's Multicultural Education Advisory Group meeting on 3 March. Members can read a copy of the letter in the Term 1, 2020 newsletter.


THIS SURVEY CLOSED IN AUGUST 2019. Please click here to read a summary of the responses received.

Teacher Survey: Use of EAL/D funding in schools. ATESOL NSW is conducting a survey to capture teacher feedback on the use of EAL/D funding in schools. The information will be used to support advocacy for EAL/D education in NSW. Your name and details will not be distributed or published, but a summary of responses will be made available.

Rebuilding Capacity: English as an Additional Language and Refugee Education in NSW Public schools - an Agenda for NSW Government 2019-2023. ATESOL NSW, together with the Ethnic Communities’ Council of NSW and the NSW Migrant and Refugee Working Party, launched the document 'Rebuilding Capacity: English as an Additional Language and Refugee Education in NSW Public schools - an Agenda for NSW Government 2019-2023' at NSW Parliament House on 1 March 2019. The document, which was submitted to the Government and Opposition prior to the NSW State election, outlines a policy agenda for EAL/D education for NSW Government over the next four years through ten key proposals that address long-standing, unresolved, systemic policy issues. You can download the full agenda document here and a summary version here.


ACTA Strategy for Language in Education and Training, 2018. This Strategy has 15 actions, all aimed at addressing the long-standing national policy/program gaps and neglect in the area of language in education and training (EAL/D, Indigenous, language education, AMEP) that ACTA has been advocating for over the last few years. It has been used as the focus for discussions with Government and other parties about their education and training policy commitments. For more information, please visit ACTA's Media Room page. The Strategy can also be directly downloaded here.

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